Brooklyn is finally here!
Brooklyn Kayelee Boyce
July 14, 2009
5:23 PM
7 lb 12 oz 19 in

appointment with Dr. Mass and I was still 1.5 cm dialated so she said I had some options. I could wait and see if I could begin labor naturally, I could schedule an induction Monday the next week, or I could take the last opening of the week and be induced Tuesday at 7:30 am. I took the next day. Jut and I couldn’t believe that Brooklyn was coming the very next day! Me being the planner I am, LOVED the idea of knowing when everything would happen. We were able to leave Jayden at Ama and Bubba’s for the night and got ready and packed for the big day. We got to the hospital at 7:30 and walked right up to the labor and delivery floor. They admitted me and got the pitocin started at 8:30. It was actually really a nice way to start contracting with very little pain. I was checked at about 11 and I was 3 cm as still not in a huge amount of pain so I got my epidural before the REAL pain could start. Within 15 minutes, I was texting and watching tv and dialating. Doc predicted 5 pm and the nurse thought 2:48. Next door, we heard a woman screaming who opted not to take the epidural…boy I am glad I got mine! So, by 8 cm my folks made it in and said a quick hello and by 5 PM I was ready to push. I pushed for 23 minutes and Brooklyn was here! We think she looks a lot like Jayden did when he was born. She was so beautiful and even got a 10 on her APGAR score! They told us that they only give that to Dr.’s babies and it was the first one our nurse had ever give out! Go Brooklyn! As for me, I lost a lot of blood and they were a bit concerned that I would need a blood transfusion but we opted not to take one and although I a m a bit light headed it has been fine. We have had a lot of visitors and I can’t believe she will be a week on Tuesday!