jayden day 3

We want to thank you for the overwhelming response we have received. We couldn’t do this without you. please don’t stop praying. Did I mention how good God is?! He has put all of you in our lives…in this moment..to wrap us in a warm blanket of love as we face the cold. The comfort from God is directly coming from you. Your words, now nine pages long, are posted on our refrigerator, reminding us of God’s goodness! The words of encouragement, whether spoken in prayer, in tears, in e-mails are like sweet honey. We are clinging to them. So, thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

Jut and I are hanging in there. We each take turns crying. We are being optimistic as we try to process what we know. There has been some great info we have read online and we are hopeful. We are just trying to survive the waiting game as days are blending together. The most important thing is for us to not loose sight of today. Today is another gift with our children. We can’t loose sight of this. We again are thankful to God for helping us see the good in all of this. We are trying to avoid the darkness of “what if?” and we are trying to enjoy all the moments we have. We are learning to not just “do” life but embrace it. We are feeling the urgancy to cling to God like never before. Our days are not promised…nor are they IT…what wonderful things Heaven promises!

Please, enjoy your family and loved ones today. As you think of our family…rejoice in God and take a moment to intentionally enjoy family as we are enjoying ours.

We will keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “jayden day 3

  1. Jut and Stefanie, Our hearts go out to you and we are praying for strength and comfort in our very strong and comforting God. It seems that you both have are doing well at hanging on to Him and we will continue to pray that you will find immense peace. Someone told me one time that children are given to us on loan from God. He blesses us with them for a period of time and his plan is best for both them and us. I have tried to remind myself of that often. Continue to find joy in each day as you are blessed with these precious little ones. Love, Mary and Doug


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