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Just when I thought I was getting my mind wrapped around this intruder in our home, we get news that Brooklyn, our 3 month old baby girl, most likely has MPS too. Her urine came back with elevated levels of sugar consistant with MPS. Next steps? other than crying my eyes out? We wait. We wait for Jayden’s test to confirm MPS III and figure out which type out of four he has of Sanflippo. Then, we test Brooklyn to confirm she has the same. Why is this the will of God for my children? I can’t get my mind around this. Is good gonna come out of this? Yes. Is God still gonna be glorified? Sure. But REALLY…BOTH of my kids???

God can still preform a miracle. What would that look like here? Well, he could get rid of MPS in both my children. He could have the retest of Hunter’s come back positive and Brooklyn’s urine really was a false positive and she is fine. Can that happen? Of course. Will that happen? I don’t know but God does. The worst case? They both have Sanfilppo and we live with it. Key word LIVE. They are not gone yet. Jayden is still lighting up a room, running around asking for snacks, juice and “my dadda”. He is still progressing. Brooklyn just started to smile. How can we put them in a coffin now? We don’t do that with healthy people until we realize they are dead. I am not gonna grieve for my children when they are still here. I am gonna force myself to crawl out of this dark hole and fight to live in each blessed moment the Lord gives me with my children, darn it! This is the promise that God gives us, He alone has overcome the world and I want to start living like it.

Keep praying. I am crying out to God but most of the time I am relying on the Holy Spirit to do it for me. Will you pray for a miracle?

Thank you for your outpour of love a support!

Sorry I am so fired up right now! I am starting to realize how theraputic this blog thing is for me!

5 thoughts on “more news…

  1. Stefanie…I am also praying for this miracle for both your children. I echo what Kathy said above. Thank you for sharing your journey honestly. God knows your heart and He's big enough to take it when you need to yell. Gretchen shared your blog with me and I am also praying for strength and continued peace for you and Justin.


  2. I'm not sure if we know you-we are missionaries with Immanuel in Mexico, and the Galarzas had a link to this blog which I've been reading and praying about for a couple weeks now. My heart is absolutely broken with and for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your journey honestly and allowing us the privilege of crying out with you for a MIRACLE, in the middle of unfathomable illogical pain and circumstances. Kathy Gouzoules (chris is my husband)


  3. Oh Stef…I am in awe of your strength. We will help be the legs you and Justin can stand on. I am too praying for some sunlight in this storm. God has a purpose, I just wish I could understand it. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers constantly throughout every hour of every day. My love for you is deeper than you'll ever know.


  4. my precious friend…do not apologize for being fired up!!! Your strength, courage, and faith in God continue to amaze me. I stand with you in asking for a miracle and am committed to holding fast to God's promises with you…and for you when you are unable. I will walk with you on this journey wherever it may lead…I love you and your precious family more than words.


  5. oh love, we are crying out with you for a miracle! I love you more than you know and will stand in the gap and pray for you!!!!! I will continue to WALK every step of the way with you! i love you


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