no news yet…

Just wanted to post a quick update. We have no news on Jayden’s test results. We are hoping to get some news today. We are prepared to hear he has Sanflippo and which type out of the 4 he has. Well…actually as I write that, I don’t know how “prepared” you can be to get news like that….

Anyway, we are still praying. We are still encouraged by your words. We are still praying for a miracle that the test results will be better than we imagine. We are still holding onto the chance that Brooklyn’s test could be a false positive and that her bloodwork comes back “normal”.

I have found comfort in speaking with Laurie of the national MPS society. She has been holding my hand through this all. I also had the opportunity to speak with another mom who just found out this past July her daughter has Sanfillipo. She is 2 1/2. Her sister, 5 mo. is a carrier but does not have it. She lives in Roscoe…only 20 minutes away from my hometown, Rockford. We plan on meeting up soon. She is a Christian…a little futher into her journey with MPS. I hope our time together will be fruitful.

Keep praying with us. Pray for Brooklyn’s test results. Pray for Jayden’s results to be mild. Pray for our family who is crying with us. Pray for strength for Justin as he is having a difficult time with all of this. Pray for our marriage to be strengthened. Pray for wisdom for the Doctors and for us as we begin our journey living with this. We are not gonna stop and grieve. We are going to live-just better than before. We are going to make memories. We are going to thrive. We are gonna let people see Christ in this, not defeat. We are not gonna let Sanflippo define our children or us, WE are gonna define it.

Thank you for your continued prayer and words of encouragement. God is using you more than you realize. We meditate on the words you send us cause we struggle finding the words ourselves. We love you!

7 thoughts on “no news yet…

  1. You are an amazing woman, Stefanie Boyce. You have both a solid foundation and perspective. I cried through all of your blogs and pictures. I don't think a minute goes by that my thoughts aren't intertwined and wrapped in prayer for you and Justin and Jayden and Sweet B. You are not alone. We'll be there for you every step of the way. I love you!


  2. It was such a pleasure to speak with you today. You have a beautiful family. I loved seeing pictures of the kids – SO CUTE!! I know the waiting is incredible difficult. I am so sorry that you have to experience it.

    Shannon (mom to Waverly & Oliver)


  3. In the midst of my incredible and deep sadness, I find comfort in your strength Stef. You amaze me more and more everyday. I sometimes can't breathe thinking about all this but then God pulls me back to Him and reminds me that He is in control. I pray for you guys throughout each and everyday. I love you.


  4. Many prayers and tears are spent each day for you.As I call out to God on your behalf,I praise Him for His strength and compassion for His children. I know that as we all cry so does Our Father. I know our words sometimes seem empty,but I also know His words press deep into the soul of the hurting.
    I am reminded of the scripture that says “against all hope Abraham believed” May we have that same undying HOPE. While Jut and Steph climb their mountain I will be praying and praising God each day!


  5. Hi, my name is Zach Trautman, I know you don't know me, as I have never met you or your family before. But, two close friends of mine are very tight with you, especially Melissa. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I am praying with all my heart for you and your family, for your children, this disease, the results, your marriage, and all of that.

    Each post I read, I am incredibly shocked by the hope that you have, and the unshakable faith that you exude. Thank you so much for your updates, stay strong, you are so clearly an incredible example of Christ, and I can't wait to see God move in an INCREDIBLE way in your family!


  6. dear friend, thank you for letting us know how to specifically pray for you…so that I can echo your prayers and continue to intercede for you. I love you…and your precious family.


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