Wow…where do I start? First, Thank you to all of you that made it out to our house for halloween/Jayden’s belated birthday party. I am glad our house doesn’t have a maximum capacity number on it because I am sure the fire department would have shut us down! In fact, our contractor who built our house, Uncle Dan, stood outside most of the night…what does that say?! We were overwhelmed (in a great way) by the outpour of support. We had a lot of fun. As it normally goes when you have kids and you have a major photo op coming up….Jayden had a boo…boo. He was riding his powerwheel and got his head cut on a branch. He also wasn’t feeling well and that lead to a 30 min nap. However, he really was a trooper!
I know that I am missing a lot of people, but I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to just a few…

Angie-start to finish was here today to celebrate and help with whatever! Even brought us dinner!
My mom and steve, here to watch the kiddos and frantically help with set up and clean up. Your support has been so wonderful!
JoDelle- thank you for cleaning the basement and kitchen! You were a blessing to hang around and do some dirty work! And to you and Sue, thank you for jumping on a plane with your bob the builder gear and suprising us all the way from Missouri!
The Brooks family, for your 3-D Bob the Builder! He MADE the party a hit!
Susan Ward-a beautiful pumpkin cake! What a lot of work!
Kal and Robert-thanks for heading up our donation website and meeting with us!
Dan and Jill-Thanks for listening to us!

Micah- you were awesome to stop by and hang Thursday!

Joe and Deb- loved the visit, your listening ears and the pizza!

Grandma Boyce, Grandma and Grandpa Bakken-Thank you for all your meals, love that only a grandparent can give, and your wisdom.

Katie and Andrea-your listening ears, cards, support, prayers and tears sustain me! Love love!

The Woldhuis family has been single handly feeding us! Thank you!

The entire Beach Bible family-thank you for holding us up! Your support to us, and especially Ken and Joan has been incredible! You are our family too and we love you! Your cards, tears, prayers, hugs, meals, and presence has been a true blessing.
Our Immanuel family-a big as you are…we couldn’t do this without you. You have been the body of Christ to us in major ways. God has not abandoned us….we see that in real ways with your loving arms embracing us every day, right when we need it most.

MPS moms- Words can’t describe what support you have been to me. It is amazing to meet people in this way and feel so quickly, deeply connected. We get it. we feel it. we live it in the moments when no one else does. Thank you for this unique gift.

Our extended body of Christ-We feel you reaching out to us from a distance. There are people all over the country following us and praying for our family. You are the hands and feet of Christ and near or far, you are embracing us.

All of our friends and family…we love you and can’t do this without you! Please understand your being in this with us, in large or small ways….I wish I could find the words to thank you! You have been instrumental in pouring into us and carrying us through this time.

And last but not at ALL the least, Ken and Joan. Wow. Daily you help us care for our children. Playing with J…babysitting, buying us new jeans (see crayon blog entry) feeding diapers, feeding us, housing us, loving us, holding us , crying with us, praying over us. You are in this completely with us. How could we ever repay your unselfish love and care for us?!

I know I could go on and on thanking you all more specifically and I am sorry that I have forgotten things here but know I have not forgotten them in my soul. I have a basket full of cards and over 30 pages of e-mails. I know God’s phone line has been lighting up with your prayers.

I got something really exciting in the mail and want to share it with you…I also want to tell you about our meeting at Children’s on Friday….but it is 2 am or one with the time change. and I can’t see anymore! I am gonna go “night night” ans Jayden’s says! But will try to get the next blog up by Sunday night!

5 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Jut and Stef, we wouldn't have it any other way! We are in this with you in every way! We now know our real purpose in life! It's loving these beautiful babies! We can't get enough of them. They and you mean more to us than you will ever know. As we journey with you, I've been putting my thoughts on a blog just to remind myself of God's provisions for all of us. It's belle'sblog@blogspot.


  2. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend! Hope Jayden is feeling better with his booboo! Can't wait to make our plans for next weekend! Talk with you soon!



  3. Dearest friend,
    You are more than welcome…it is the absolute least I can do! Last night was so fun! I am so glad I could be there! I love you so much! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!! love you!!!


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