our new website

A huge thanks to Justin’s cousin, Kalie, and her husband, Robert! When everything happened in October, they contacted us and offered to create a website and handle donations. We knew that this was a great thing to do, but knew we didn’t have the ability, physically and emotionally, to even begin to think about creating and maintaining a website, let alone donations. We never thought we would be a family that needed financial assistance. However, it looks like that is sort of part of being “missionaries in Holland” (for those of you who know the poem Experiencing Holland). We have received many blessings already and can’t even imagine asking for more support.

Kalie and Robert have gone above and beyond and anticipated our needs, thus, creating a beautiful website that articulates our needs exactly and we can’t thank them enough! I have dropped to ball with helping them with everything…and they have been so patient!

They even made us fancy business cards to hand out! What a fabulous blessing to us! Please take a moment to check out their hard work. You can also access our blog through the website so now you can just visit this link.

We love you Kalie and Robert! And…I will try my best to finish everything before DISNEY!