Jayden is doing great. Out of surgery and preparing for discharge in the next 30 minutes. The tubes are in and they shrunk the adnoids a bit. They also tested his hearing and it is normal so no hearing aids are NOT necessary at this time.

Praise God for a good day…an easy day…we needed it.

Thank you for your prayers…once again we covet them.

Aunt Laurie and Uncle Keith….thanks for helping us kill time. We loved the suprise!

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  1. Stef, You are touching on something very real and profound here. I think living well in a broken world is more about questions than answers. You are clinging to the Logos – the Word (John 1:1). The ultimate answer is found in a person – Jesus. Thanks for pointing me there today.


  2. I am so happy that everything went well with J!! I love him and I can't wait to see you guys again soon! We were thinking Chuck E Cheese again, with his FAVORITE aunt sarah!! 🙂 LOL I continue to lift him and Brooklyn up in my prayers daily!! Love you guys!


  3. Thanks for keeping us posted. We were praying for you and Jayden throughout the day–grateful for the successful surgery!. How sweet of Keith & Laurie to drop by to support you. God grant you some much needed rest after such an emotional week followed by this surgery. WE love you–Kathy & Dave


  4. Yay for everything going well today. I prayed every chance I got this morning!! You're right…you guys definitely needed an easy day. I pray for many more of those. Give J an extra BIG hug from his Aunt Ri-Ri!!


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