Utah…day 1

So we are in Utah. A few months ago we were talking with our dear friends, Micah and Kathrina, about taking a trip sometime because we had free round trip tickets through Southwest. They were headed to Utah with family and generously invited us to tag along. We arrived in Park City, Utah today and it has been so much fun so far! Of course we miss the kiddos….but it is a much needed get away and respite for our marriage.

I will try to update as we are here. We are attempting ski school tomorrow to both learn how to snowboard…..

One thought on “Utah…day 1

  1. Yay! So happy you arrived safe and that you are having fun…so happy for you and Jut!! I can't wait until tomorrow and for my weekend with Jayden!!! We will give you a call after I get him from Joan! Love you xo!!!


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