Utah day 2

Can you say S….O….R….E?

Jut and I tried to snowboard today and I spent more time falling down a hill and wiping out more than standing but I can say that there were brief moments of me snowboarding! Jut did much better. After we spent the day with a professional snowboarding instructor (a priceless gift from Micah and Kathrina) I went to the hottub (in the snow) and Jut and Micah went to the blue hills.

So much fun! I desperately wanted to bring my camera but it was too big to fall on….so pictures will have to wait!

We are having such a nice time and are so grateful for the vacation!

We are attempting the mountains again tomorrow so, hopefully I will be able to survive another day of butt injuries!

3 thoughts on “Utah day 2

  1. Missed you guys at our ONE on ONE meeting but I guess you have a pretty good excuse! Rejoicing with you over God's provision for some refreshment. Break a leg 🙂 Leah


  2. Good luck Stef, I hope you do better tomorrow!! I am glad you are having a fun time, if nothing else, get lots of hottub time!! 🙂 Love ya!


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