Utah…day 4

We survived another day in the snow and made it through snowboarding with no injuries. We are a bit sore…but the hot tub helped! I can’t wait to upload our pictures! We had such an awesome time and are so grateful for the blessing of a wonderful vacation!

We are also so thankful for our friends, Micah and Kathrina. One of the things I love the most about them is the way they love people. Everyone is important to them and worthy of respect and love. From family to friends, maids to valets…..everyone who meets them feels loved. We especially are so blessed by their hearts and generosity. They went above and beyond to treat us to a wonderful vacation. From paying for us to go to ski school to dinner, giving up their vacation comforts to teach us how to snowboard or sharing a room….they didn’t even have to invite us.

We are also thankful for the other two couples we met. Tanya and Dan and Chris and Peter. What wonderful, generous people to let us tag along on their vacation. We could never experience the wonderful gifts without their generosity.

Another HUGE thank you. Thanks Ken and Joan, Jill and Dan, and our dear friend Andrea. You made it possible for us to get this restful, fun vacation while you worked hard entertaining Jayden and Brooklyn. We love you all so much. We also owe you huge….even if it was a labor of love.

God is so good.

5AM we will be heading back….gotta go to bed!