Boyce Benefit and Display Opportunity

Thank you to all of you that came to support us at the Boyce Benefit! There was a huge turn out! I know some people couldn’t make it and sent cards, gifts, and were praying for us and that means just as much as being there.
Thank you to Ashley and Kim for organizing this and Bee Street for hosting. Thank you to Kalie, Robert, Kathy, Joan, Ken, Laurie, Jill, Nate, Sarah, Dan, Lucas, and the rest of our awesome family for all the hard work you put in setting up, tearing down, watching kids, and all the behind the scenes stuff. All the purple people were family and there were A LOT of us!!!
This is how God is showing us He is good. I feel like God Himself is present when the body of Christ is gets together. We can feel the love. This is one way God tells me He is still good.It was the first official public thing we have done for the kids and there were some emotional pieces that of course came up. If you have been following the blog, you may recall me saying I wasn’t ready to see my babies faces on a can, or by a purple shirt….Well the day came. April 10, 2010. And, although it was a bit hard to think about why people were there….and that this is for MY kids….it was easier to DO something so I tried to help. Jut tried to manage Jayden….To be honest, the outpour of people-many I didn’t even know-superseeded the hard emotional impact that it had for a moment.He spoke through you. Thank you just isn’t enough!Also, we are still collecting silent auction final payments-but so far, YOU raised over $11,000.00!!!!!

Thank you.


Lastly, I made a display that I wanted to make available to anyone who wants to support us in raising awareness for Sanfilippo. I was thinking people could place it in their place of business for a week/month. I have included pictures of the display. I wanted to make it a happy display…cause the info is so hard to read. So-you will see grass, a home and keys representing our current goal to raise money for a home on Boyce Lane, so Jayden and Brooklyn have a safe home that will adapt to their future needs. I also put some lemons on it…..when life gives you lemons-make lemonade, right? and purple is the color for Sanfilippo awareness. It is anchored by a white picket fence (read the blog entry with the same title to understand why-i think in Jan/feb10) and info about Sanfilippo with magnets, web site business cards, and a flyer about how people can help. It is centered with a lovely pic of the kiddos.If you are interested, please let me know.

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  1. What an awesome event! Thank God for days of encouragement like this–when people who love you & people who met you for the first time demonstrated extreme generosity. Stef, thanks for explaining the meaning of your display. Like many things in life, I saw only a pretty decoration and raced right past the meaningful details. Hmmm…could there be a life lesson here, Kathy?


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