Our dear friend, Jodelle, is simply incredible! She is bringing awareness to Sanfilippo and support Jayden and Brooklyn in the most creative ways. Jodelle has such a huge heart and is madly in love with Jesus! She has committed to paddle across Table Rock Lake 11 miles standing on a surf board to raise money for Jayden and Brooklyn on June 20. Below is her website link she set up and a picture. She also had the crazy idea to encourage people to join her putting purple streaks in her hair!!! That is awesome! Everyone in Branson is going to have purple hair!!!! (just like the visitor’s in Branson!!!) (oh wait, that’s blue hair!!!)

Thank you Jodelle. You are truly a light from God! You are a spark that is contagious and we love you so much!

First off, if you haven’t checked out the website yet, be sure to go there and sign the guestbook and check out what this fundraiser is for a family in desperate need of your prayers and donations…

Now then, to all you ladies who love to make a fashion statement! Head to Stephanie’s Salon out in Galena for a hot little purple streak put in your hair! From now until June 20th, Stephanie and Kim at Stephanie’s Salon will have purple hair dye on hand and will streak a strand or two of your hair since purple is the awareness color for Sanfilippo Syndrome. All proceeds from the streaks will go to the Boyce family!!! I get my two streaks put in on Tuesday! One for Jayden and one for Brooklyn! So call today and set up your appointment too! Every streak helps! Stephanie’s Salon 4 miles outside of Reeds Spring on Hwy 413417-357-6254For those of you who purple’s just a little too crazy for ya, then that’s okay. Just consider donating whatever you can to help this family. If just 200 people give $5, then we will raise $1000 right there! Pass it on! And thanks for your time!