I don’t think I was thriving today. For some reason, it was just a rough day. Short fuse. Nothing specific….just a bunch of minor irritations that just kept itching today.
Enough about me.

Brooklyn and Jayden are thriving!
My baby is CRAWLING!
I’ll get a video up soon!

Jayden’s urine came back with NO GAG’s. We don’t quite know what that all means but it appears that the genistein is working! Genestein is a supplement that they are on that is supposed to tell the body to slow down the production of the sugar that they can’t recycle due to the missing enzyme. They measure GAG’s (sugars) in the urine to screen for MPS. A child with MPS have abnormally high levels of GAG’s. His first urine sample in Jan lowered the level to a normal range. Now there are no GAG’s present. We don’t know what the side effects are exactly. No one does, but, our genetisist wants us to keep the dosage the same. We believe that it is a good sign so far.

Some new pics…

Ama and Bee Ba
Bubba, Jay (his foot) Ama and Beeba
Jay the builder and Brooklyn ther firewoman!
Jay and Logan

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