BONNIE…Please pray

Please pray for the Ness Family.

Last night, Bonnie Ness had a brain anurism in the lower back of her brain. For a few days, she has been complaining of a migraine. Wednesday-Bonnie worked all day, went to Erik’s volleyball game, and came home. While reading, she got a terrible migraine and went to get Steve and Erik who were downstairs. Steve helped her upstairs and she began to grab her head in pain and loss consiousness. Steve called 911 and she was rushed to Victory. Around 11:30 PM they airlifted her to Northwestern Hospital in the city.

The Dr. said only 50% of people survive flight for life so that is a good sign. She is still unconsious as of 5:15AM and they are preforming surgery to clamp the anurism as early as 7:30 this morning.

There are about 20+ people with the Ness family. Melissa had a roommate drive her so she is there with the family. Bonnie is in room 932. To get to Northwestern, take 94 to Ohio (50B) to Michigan Ave. (Head North) to Superior.

We are currently taking up a love offering to assist with the immediate need of a hotel for the family. The Wyndam is next door to the hospital. It is $149.00 a night and currently they have 3 nights paid. Please consider helping if you can. You can contact Micah Montondo if you want to help.

Please pray. Pray for Steve, Erik and Melissa. Pray for Bonnie. She is fighting hard right now. Please pray for the doctors and the surgery. Pray for comfort healing, and peace.

Steve and the kids are doing as well as can be expected and are trusting God. We can have peace knowing Bonnie loves Jesus and we can trust His will and plan for His precious child.

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