IEP update

The IEP meeting went well. Jayden will be attending summer school for 4 weeks, 8-12, 4 days a week. This is good news. Although Jayden will probably be the least severe child there, we feel that ongoing special education is imparative for him to not loose the skills he currently has. There also have been 3 women that have offered to work with him over the summer while he is not in school-all have a special ed/teaching background and all would be doing this out of the greatness of their hearts. That is a HUGE blessing!

As for Fall, Jayden will be moving into an inclusion class that is 50/50. 10 kids have special needs and 10 do not. Currently, he is in a 75/25 class. This class only has one regular ed teacher and one aide. Next year, he will have 1 regular ed teacher, one special ed teacher and 2 aides. Double the eyes and hands! They also receive more attention from speech, OT/PT so at any given time there can be 8 or more adults in the room. We feel this is the best of both worlds. Jayden will be with normal functioning children, as well as children with more severe needs. it will normalize the spectum of children and Jayden will be introduced to new forms of communication as they teach sign and use the PECS program (picture cards). Another good sign in our mind.

Some current prayer requests for Jayden:

Jayden gets a fantastic group of teachers over the summer and fall that will be sympethic to his needs and help him maintain his skills and continue to progress.

Jayden adjusts to the change in classrooms, students, and people easily and quickly.

Jayden’s pending surgery will help with his breathing at night and it goes successfully.


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