Help! Garage Sale!

Many of you have offered to help at the garage sale and we are so grateful! I am trying to nail down our help to see where the gaps are, and humbly asking for any way that you can come along side us as we organize our garage sale. Again, the garage sale is to benefit two organizations that bring support to families of Sanfilippo and fund research efforts. This is not to fund our buildwiththeboyces campaign. For us, it is easier to plan events for research than to ask people to support us building a home. We are extremely grateful and rely on our friends and family who have been organizing events to help meet the needs that are specific to our family.

The garage sale is June 4-6 from 8AM-8PM at our home,
12582 W. Eastwood Rd Beach Park, IL 60087.

We are accepting donations this next week and will be sorting the week of the garage sale. ( if we are not home or you can leave it on the front porch)

Please consider the following ways to help:

Things we need:
· Tents (any tent that can house tables and has a roof with walls for donations)

· Tables (any size…preferably 6-8 foot)

· Tarps (in case of rain and to cover items at night)

If we can borrow any of this, the best way to help us would be to drop it off anytime between now and June 3 and pick up June 6 at 7-9PM)

Please label all materials so we can make sure you get them back. If you are donating a tent and can set it up…that would be really helpful.

Hours to work
Sorting items:
anytime between now and June 3-drop by for instructions to sort and organize donations

Working the sale:
4-hour shifts are preferred but shorter, longer, or overlap is fine. Workers will be taking money and organizing the sale. Primary role is to greet people, briefly explain why we are having the sale, and taking money.

We also need people/teens to baby-sit. There will be a lot of people in and out and we would love extra hands to specifically watch/play with Jayden and Brooklyn. That would be your only job. Anytime from 8AM-9PM on those days. You can also take the kids to your house and drop them off or to the park…etc. Specific times are better if you can offer them so I can plan.

Meals to donate for volunteers:
I would like to have meals available for the volunteers. If you can drop off a meal for 10-15 people, that would be awesome.

We need 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners. (someone already is bring lunch one day)

We also need bottled water/ice to sell and have available for volunteers.

I thought specific needs are better….so I hope this helps! Thank you in advance, we need all the help we can get!

If nothing else-just spread the word to your friends and family to stop by! We already have some really nice donations!!!

PS we are only pricing valuable items (so people don’t offer $1 for something worth $30) so it is a name your price garage sale.