Garage sale totals…

Thank you to all that worked so hard and volunteered so much time, money and energy to make the garage sale a huge success! I couldn’t get through events with you all. Thank you for sacrificing your feelings and needs, your family time and weekend…for my children. I know it is hard for you all too to see what Sanfilippo is doing to our children. It is the last place and the first place you want to be—talking to people about why we are raising money.

I always get emotionally spent after any event….and this one is no different. 36+ hours of telling people about my children….with an MPS conference in the middle….To say the least I am officially depressed and having thoughts I wish were not there. Another, “not thriving” moment.

It is hard to describe….but as I write this, I have mixed emotions. I can’t fully express them, in fear of hurting feelings, but let’s just say I am extremely happy we raised so much money and extremely sad it is for my children.

Total $5,670.00

5 thoughts on “Garage sale totals…

  1. I was so happy to help you, I hope that I can continue to serve along side you! I know how hard it was for me this past weekend, so I only felt a tiny fraction of what you feel, however, it has changed again how I pray for you! I love you and I love Jayden and Brooklyn and Justin with all of my heart! I will continue to pray for you all and do whatever it takes to help those sweet babies!!!!!


  2. Hey stef! I am praying for you as I read the struggles that you face! My heart aches and I don't know the pain that you feel. But, I can say that I am holding your hand through this pain and will continue to be there for you no matter what and no matter how long! I love you with all my heart!


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