a challenge…

I am trying to rack my brain and thought I would put out a call for my creative minded friends.
I want to create a logo, a mantra, a tag line for our family. i need your help. i want it to be positive, raise awareness, glorify God, and really capture the idea that we are going to thrive in this and let our light shine. but even bigger than that, i want it to challenge everyone to live like they were dying….there is a freedom in having your eyes focused on an eternal perspective. it needs to be short and not time sensitive. Here are some thought provoking words….

just believe
live like you were dying (although this isn’t the emotion I want)
livlife (a super awesome our friend liv has)
learn from yeasterday. live for today. hope for tomorrow.
something with J and B in it.
(nothing with the word dream)
live a life in color (from my early blog entry)

ok…..any thoughts!?

One thought on “a challenge…

  1. Just some quick thoughts:

    “Shine On”…logo with sun coming up over the water…maybe a rainbow in it

    Star logo with something in it
    (my favorite verse: “Shine like the stars in the universe as you hold out the Word of Life.”)

    a logo with BB…Boyces Believe


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