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Hoops and Dreams is a big fundraiser planned to benefit the ‘Build with the Boyces’ cause. Saturday, July 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Beach Bible Church at 3520 21st St in Zion, participants will be shooting free throws in an effort to raise $10,000.
Stefanie and Justin Boyce, parents of now 4-year-old Jayden and 1-year-old Brooklyn Boyce were told both children are missing a crucial enzyme that breaks down a sugar naturally made in the body. This sugar build-up eventually causes progressive physical and neurological damage, slowing learning and speech development as well as presenting limited mobility. In later stages, this disease, called Sanfilippo Syndrome, necessitates wheel chairs and breathing apparatus. Victims of this disease usually only live until into their teens, but by that time, their progressive impairment is great. There is no cure or treatment, however research looks promising.
The Boyces are racing against the clock to raise enough money to build a one-story house with necessary modifications to accommodate their children’s needs as they occur. Several fundraisers have already taken place with more to come. They are hoping Hoops and Dreams will bring out lots of folks who will be able to help them in their worthy cause.
More information and registration for this event can be foundonline by following the prompts at the web site:
Contributions can also be mailed to:
The Boyce FamilyP.O. Box 195Zion, IL 60099