Please pray for J…

Jayden is sick. We do not know what is going on. We do not suspect it is related to Sanfilippo. The doctors are aware, but he has been vomiting on and off since Saturday. He is having trouble keeping any food and liquids down . We are concerned. The Dr feels it may be a GI viral thing. He has no fever or diarrhea. He throws up 1-3 times a day and just lays around all day. TOTALLY not a Jayden thing to do.

If he sleeps through the night, we will talk again to the doctor in the AM. If he throws up more tonight, we will take him to acute care tonight. We know he is still a bit hydrated so that is a good thing.

Any prayers would be appreciated.

One thought on “Please pray for J…

  1. I am so sorry Stef….you do not need one more thing!! Poor J….it sounds like he is just miserable…praying for all of you…and of course, let me know if you need anything!


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