Jayden’s at Lake Forest Hospital

Well-a full week has gone by of Jayden being sick. He has been vomiting without a fever or diarrhea. Today marked the second visit to the ER. they finally admitted us for 24 hours at least so we will be here overnight. I am actually happy for that. I feel much better with him having an IV and being in a hospital than at home. He is going to have a liquid lunch and a good dinner if he can go without getting sick. Another thing to deal with.

I am really struggling. How can this be from a loving God? How can he be so selfish? How can he look on my son and watch him continually suffer and just want me to praise him and tell him how good he is when he can do something about it. I want to pray. I want to have faith. I want to trust God is good. (I want to stop hearing the IV beep). And-I do. I just don’t understand. I know this will deepen my walk and faith….I know I will get through this…but I am just so frustrated and have begun wrestling with God.

So-all that to say, We are trying to thrive in this “one more thing”. I will keep you posted here. Thank you for your support and letting me know it is OK to be real, sturggle, and still thrive.

3 thoughts on “Jayden’s at Lake Forest Hospital

  1. We are praying for all of you! As a friend of mine said once right after her 16 yr. old brother died, “The secret things belong to the Lord.” (Deut. KJV) Sometimes God shrouds His plans in mystery and we don't understand. I'll continue to pray for great grace and faith for all of you!


  2. I echo your questions of God as I have asked WHY so many times…as if you were not already given such an enormous cross to bear! It's times like these when I know I need to dig deep and hold onto his promises and be there for you when those promises seem non-existent…Love you so much. Praying for J…and for your precious heart!


  3. Struggle is a sign that you are human…and guess what…your human. Keep the chin up…

    Matthew 6:34 it was a verse I continually remind myself of…its a good one for worries…


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