Jayden is at Children’s Memorial

Here is the brief update. Please check back here for the most recent updates. First, Jayden is doing well. He is finally eating, talking, and trying to pull out the cords that are attached to himself…all good signs that he is coming around. Last night, Jayden had burr hole and drainage for fluid they found around the brain. Very basically, Jayden two weeks ago, Jayden was jumping on a trampoline and hit his head. He had nurses look at it and although it was a nice sized, we were not concerned because it happens all the time and it was it was raised from the skin. Jayden seemed fine and a few days later, presented with a sinus infection. The dr put him on antibiotics. A few days later, we left for Missouri. We arrived Friday (June 18) and on Sat evening, Jayden threw up. Jayden began throwing up and was not interested in food. He was still not well until Thursday. After consulting with the ped. We took Jayden to the ER on Friday. With an IV, and no real answers, we left. Friday night wasn’t good either so Saturday we took a trip back to the ER and they admitted him. After testing his poop, they determined c. diff. (witch is still present but completely unrelated…so is Sanfilippo…unrelated) was present. Basically, the good bacteria was taken over by the bad bacteria and was winning due to the previous antibiotics. OK-so back to Sunday. That night, we were still in the hospital and Jayden was getting no better on the new antibiotics. Monday he woke up and was awful. His eyes were glassed over, he was very lethargic and just not himself at all. His heart rate dropped and the drs were concerned. A specialist from Children’s was sent in as a consult nad was concerned that he had an ubstructed bowel. We were transported via ambulance to Children’s ER. After they did an ultrasound, CT scan and X ray, many drs and hours later, they realized that Jayden had fluid behind his left eye….probably due to the fall weeks earlier on the trampoline. OK. So now we knew he needed emergancy surgery and up to the OR he went. He had a little hole cut into his head, and a cathader was placed to drain the fluid. At 1AM we were in the recovery room and Jayden was doing better. We will be here for the next 48 hours at least under supervision as the tube is still in his head draining fluids. They are doing an MRI tomorrow to learn more about why everything happened. He really is doing much better. Updates to come.

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  1. God bless you guys! Hang in there and know you have LOTS of prayer warriors in Northern and Central Il thinking about you guys! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!


  2. So sorry to hear that Jayden is going through all of this. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way!! Let me know if you need anything at all!!


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