6/30 update

So far, nothing has changed for the better or worse. We were transported to MRI but there was a miscommunication (they didn’t read the charts for his medical history of sleep apnea) and can’t be sudated. Sleep apnea is when Jayden stops breathing briefly at night so putting him into a deep sleep is very risky if he were to stop breathing. There was also anesthesia concerns if something did go wrong that we were in the basement and far from ER. So-they have to postpone his MRI until tomorrow and put him under anesthesia. The fluids are still draining from his head and they are clearing up…less blood in it and that is a good sign. Nurse said we could be here anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. So-to say the least, I don’t think we are coming home tomorrow. Today should be smooth sailing of pain management (which he seems to not be in any pain) and checking vitals.

One thought on “6/30 update

  1. Michelle and I are praying for you guys. We cannot begin to imagine how you guys feel emotionally, physically and spiritually. All we can offer is our loving support and prayers and to let you know that if there is ANYTHING at all you need from us, please DO NOT hesitate to contact us. We care for you guys and your children and are praying hard for a resolution to this.


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