Jayden…an update

We had a rough night sleeping. The pain got bad around 7 last night so they gave him morphine for the pain. They give it every 2 hours and then need to check vitals every 15 min when he is taking it so between getting his temp, blood pressure, heart rate, and reattaching many wires throughout the night, we didn’t sleep much. Around 4AM we got some rest. Jayden is doing so well. I amd so proud of him. I can’t believe he has been laying in a hospital bed since Friday and not tried to get up. I am also happy that his tube in his head has stayed in place. I also cant believe he is doing so well considering he really hasn’t eaten anything this week 1/2. He did eat some cereal and popsicles yesterday and kept them down. YAY!

His MRI is scheduled for 1PM today. They are going to get a better picture of what is going on and possibly what caused the reaction to the head injury.

Will let you know how that goes….

Thank you again for your well wishes and prayers!

3 thoughts on “Jayden…an update

  1. I am so thankful for the continued healing and am amazed at what an awesome little fighter Jayden is…but then again he does come from you and Jut! Praise God for helping him through this so that he can heal…praying constantly for strength, peace, healing, and perseverance. Love you all!!!


  2. J is definitely a trooper that is for sure!! I'm very thankful for the good news and hope it keeps coming. We love that guy beyond belief and can't wait to see him running around in the backyard! Consistently praying for a safe and healthy recovery and continued strenght for you and Jut. We love you!!!


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