Saturday…Hoops and Dreams

Today Jayden and I are in the hospital and Jut and Brooklyn are at a fundraiser for us, Hoops and Dreams. Many of our friends, family, and community has come out to Beach Bible Church from 0-2 to shoot free throws and raise money for us to build a home that will accommodate our children’s growing needs.
I am sad that we are not there but glad that there is such a good turn out! We feel so “taken care of” and are so grateful for everyone’s support. Special Update: The fundraiser raised over $5,000! Great job, everyone!
Jayden is doing very well. We just had a visit from the Henry’s (I got to hold baby Kingston, kiss my can-man, and color with Ali) Jayden loved the kids being here. My dear friend Andrea also came by…Love you, drea! J was pooped so he is napping now, anticipating our next visitors, the Kinney family. Update: The Kinneys just left. Jayden had a great time reading to Elle Bea, and singing and dancing with the Kinney Crew.
He is officially clamped off, so they will monitor him for an increase in head pressure or leaking (both are bad) for about 24 hours. If he doesn’t show any problems with being clamped they will remove the drain completely and observe him for 24 more hours. So at least 48 hours more. Also, he can move more freely sitting up and may even get to go for a walk. Good news for fireworks tonight. Maybe we can find a window to watch them from.
I am sad that I will miss Brooklyn’s first 4th of July. I have a bow and dress and everything. She is going to Rockford with my mom tonight and stay until Monday. I guess it is nice that she can spend time with her, just sad that we all 4 can’t enjoy the day outside together. Makes me thankful for all the times we can do stuff like that together as a family.

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