Fourth of July

I am so bummed that our fourth is spent spilt up as a family. I wish we could go to a picnic, see fireworks, and dress the kiddos in red, white, and blue.

But, I am so happy that Jayden is sitting up in bed yelling, “BOB!” and clapping and singing. I am happy that Brooklyn is being such a good girl making memories with Nana and Papa in Rockford.

The latest update:
Jayden is doing well. He is still clamped and has been now for 24 hours. The neurosurgeons stopped by today and will keep him clamped another 24. He is doing well. His pressures are in the normal range. They still have the tube in, but he is not draining. They are making sure the body can regulate the fluids without accumulating again. They want to be very sure by doing this practice run and only clamp it so the fluid can’t get out but they can easily reopen the drain at the turn of the knob. If they take the tube out too quick and notice the fluid accumulating again, they would have to redo the entire surgery and start over. That would not be good. So, tomorrow they will do another CT scan. If all looks well, they will close him up and watch him for 24 more before we go home. Looks more like Tuesday for discharge. There is a bit of concern on our part because the left side of his face is a bit droopy. He can’t smile on the left side as well as the right. The dr’s are not concerned, they say everything drains down so that should go away in a few days.

Last night, we had many more visitors. The Habels, Ama and Bubba, Dan and Jill, and Bubble and Bob (Kalie and Robert) came up. The Habels were so kind and treated us to a yummy dinner at Chicago Oven Grinders for pizza pot pie while the rest of the crew played with Jayden. He was really tired and sad when everyone left. We slept great. Dad went home and we slept through the nurses hourly rounds until 9AM! Unheard of! I McGyvered The door with a wash cloth so the door doesn’t make noise when they come in. I also took tape and hung his hoop on the IV rack so he can move the hoop around his bed and shoot hoops which he likes. We are starting to get the hang of this hospital thing.

So-Happy Fourth! ENJOY whatever you are doing….we are!

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. SO glad to hear that J is getting better. Oh how I miss you guys!! I can't wait to get home to see him ride his power wheels around the yard! I will continue to pray for all of you as you wrap this hospital stay up & get ready to take the little guy home! All my love to you & Jut & the kids!!


  2. I wish so much you guys could come over and hang out today! We miss you guys! Keep an eye on that left side…you are MOM so you know better than anyone if something isn't right! I'm so glad J is doing better and I can see your blog from my phone now šŸ™‚ Love you, always praying!


  3. It was SO great to see you yesterday and see Jayden drawing and laughing and playing…you my friend, are one amazing Mama! So thankful for continued good news..but sad you can't be together today as I am sure Beeba will be dressed to the nines with a bow and all in her red white and blue!!! So excited to hear about Hoops and Dreams too…yay for that! Please keep posting and I pray the face issue turns out to be nothing. I hope you guys get to see some fireworks tonight! Love you so much…and don't forget…anything, anytime…let me know!


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