July 5 Update

Jayden had a CT scan at 5:15 Am. The Dr.s have noticed some extra fluid in the head so they are going to leave the drain in again today. They are not suprised by the fluid and said they almost expect it but just to be safe, they will keep the drain in but closed. Tomorrow they will take him to OR and give him a light sudation and remove the drain completely if today goes well. They also are not concerned about his left side of his face. They say that nothing indicates a problem on the CT scan and can just be a normal reaction to having this surgery. Better safe than sorry!

So, Wednesday discharge?

We joke about every day we say we will be out of here in 48 hours!

One thought on “July 5 Update

  1. Hang in there!! I can only imagine how much you want to be HOME!!! Praying for all to go well with the drain and an that home is on the horizon!! Loved getting to shop for your kiddos birthday today! It made me excited to celebrate their precious lives with you and your loved ones!! Love you!!!!!!!!


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