Tuesday, right?

I think today is Tuesday. Jayden is doing well. Last night we had a bit of a scare because his drain started leaking. They unclamped the drain so the fluid would leak out of the tube instead of the hole in his head.The fluid drains to the place of least resistance. Infection was a concern with the fluid coming out and we were concerned with why he would not be tolerating the fluid now after 3 days. However, the surgeon came in and suggested just opening the drain and letting the fluid come out. It hasn’t postponed the procedure today, however, to remove the drain completely. They feel that they can remove it and the body will regulate the fluids like it has been on the clamp for the past 3 days. It is possible that the tube was pulled slightly and that caused the leaking. He will be put under a light sedation around 1 today and then observe him for 24 more hours. If all goes well, we are maybe leave tomorrow.

Jayden also had the chance to get out a try to walk. He walked up and back in the hallway but was a bit uneasy on his feet. Probably because he has been in bed and weak. It was good to see him walking though.

He will have to take it easy when we get home for a few weeks and we will have follow-up visits for this, but overall, I think that home tomorrow is becoming a bit more real. Jut and I are trying to not get our hopes up….we will tell you when he is going home when we are in the car!

Thank you again for all the support, visits, gifts, cards, and prayers….it really makes the time go by much better!

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