we’re home!

I can’t believe we are home. We are exhausted! We almost didn’t make it home; Jayden was throwing up up until we were handed our discharge papers. We were all ready to go when he got sick but they let us go anyway. Jayden is now on a gentle recovery. He still is weak and a little uneasy on his feet. We will have to watch him carefully the next few days. I thought I was going to freak out if they didn’t let us out of there! J is now watching movies and eating crackers and drinking pedilyte. Kinda feel like we are back where this entire journey began. We just wanted him home and if he gets sick, we can always go back but i really think being home will help him get better. He got out of the car and sat in his truck, climbed out, walked over to scoop and got on it, then got a ball and started dribbling!!! He sat on the tractor and then we went inside.

Thank you for all you prayers and encouragement. We know it will not be our last children’s visit, but the support makes all the difference! We love you!

I also want to update you on our visit and the things we learned, but right now I have a little boy to cuddle with!

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  1. SO glad you guys are home! I can't wait to hug J. My prayers are constant for you guys. I wish I could make it easier somehow. All my love to you. See you in a few days.


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