I miss my Beeba! She is with Andrea. We are excited to all be together soon! Thank you to Joan, Ken, Chad, Jill, Gladys, Nana Sherry, Papa Steve, Sarah Kinney, Heidi Habel, Andrea Bercos, and probably many others that have helped take Brooklyn while we have been here!

My little girls is walking now and turning 1 in a few days! I hate missing her and being away for so long at a time but know she has been in great hands!

3 thoughts on “beeba

  1. What adorable pictures of Beeba! I bet you are SO glad to be home with your family! I have really missed you guys. Can't wait to see you. Please give J & Beeba a kiss from me. Love you all!


  2. Thank you for trusting us with your little girl and for letting us step in to help care for her while you have been with J. She brought me so much joy today as it's just been a long week work wise…it was the perfect ending to my week to get to be with your precious little girl!! I loved holding her and rocking her to sleep and just seeing her huge toothy grin…she is such a doll. Both of your children are blessings to so many!! I am SO thankful that you are home! Love you!!!


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