Happy Birthday, Jayden and Brooklyn!

We LOVE our friends and family! I do not know where we would be without them! We have always known we were blessed with the people in our lives but now, even moreso, we realize how important PEOPLE are for us. Jayden and Brooklyn THRIVE in community. They begin to light up when there are multiple people that they know around. It is different with strangers, at least for Jayden, he is a bit more shy now. But get him around friends and family and he comes alive. Thank you, that is the best gift you can give a mother…I couldn’t ask for a better moment to enjoy. I love more than anything, watching Jayden run around, laughing and smiling. I love watching Beeba be passed around the room, and loving everyone she is with. I don’t have to worry when family is around. My children are loved.

We did the traditional “pool” party, cake, pizza, and hang out…..I love that relazed format for their parties which I started at Jayden’s 1st birthday. The weather was perfect and the day went smooth. I am so grateful for the little things now! Thank you, Sanfilippo, for that! (everything else still sucks about you though 🙂

So, here’s to another wonderful year of memories!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jayden and Brooklyn!

  1. I loved being there to celebrate with you all!! It has such a different feeling than just going to a kids birthday party… I guess being part of a community is the best way to describe it. LOVED seeing Jayden healthy and happy and Beeba just grinning and laughing all day. But the other great part is having a connection to the people there that I may not see very often or know really well but we share this HUGE love for you and your family and so it feels like I am part of something awesome- which I am! I hope that makes sense! So glad I got to be there!!! Love you!


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