The last time we went to Missouri, we came home to Jayden’s hospital stay. To say the least, we had to go back (flying this time) and have a true Missouri visit. We went at the beginning of the month with Ama and Bubba, and our dear friend Angie Devore. We had a great time and dare I say, relaxing! Jayden and Brooklyn went on the boat and Jet ski, the ladies went to the Shanghai Circus, and we spent lots of time at the Wal-Mart playground…I know, it IS Missouri! The ladies also went shopping, one day with the guys and kids in the pouring rain! I even tried tubing for the first time with Ang! Jut tried paddleborading and Brooklyn tried watermelon.

We had a great visit with Justin’s wonderful Aunt Sue! Laughter is so good for the soul and many hands make the load a little less heavy. Thank you-for all your love and help, family!

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  1. GREAT pics Stef! I need a copy of the crabby Lucy pic and the pic of the five kids. I love you and I know I'll never be able to comprehend all that you feel and go through but I am here to listen or to just make you laugh…I'm good for something.


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