Summer Fun

As fall is creeping through our windows…I reflect back to some great Summer memories that didn’t make it up here yet. These are the moments that make me love life so much.

Photos with my kids are hard enough…add three more, and it spells chaos! But, we tried!

Aquatic Center
Aunt Rian and Cousin Lucy invited Joan, Stef, and the kids for a day in the sun! Jayden even went down the big kid tube slide and the medium kid’s slide!


What an honor it was to be a part of Kat and Kate’s accomplishment of finishing a triathalon…in the rain! Way to go girls….and Justin and Jason, too! Man-I love our friends!

Backyard fun
Sarah, Joan, Cole and Elle Bea came over to play some baseball in the backyard. I loved that day!

Racine Zoo
Sarah and I ventured out to the Racine Zoo with the kids and had a great time!