One year ago…Oct 5

October marks the 1 year anniversary of our introduction to sanfilippo. October 5, 2009, was the first genetic appointment we had that mentioned the word MPS. It was the day they took Jayden’s urine to confirm their suspicions. It was the day I saw a boy with MPS on line and knew in my heart, both of my children had MPS. It was the day our world changed.

October 5, 2010, a year later, we had plans to have dinner with Sarah, Nate, and the kids. I really wasn’t feeling any sort of feeling towards the date, but knew that Oct 5 was the one year anniversary. I was excited we were on time for once, looking forward to the kids playing. I had NO IDEA what the night was actually going to be. When I walked in Sarah’s home, I saw Canyon, a son of our friends who live 2 hours away. It didn’t add up. I continued to walk in (Jut was still outside) and I saw about 20 of our closest friends and family in the room. They had conspired to have a surprise “Fall love Fest” as they call it. They wanted to let us know, in a tangible way, they are in this with us for the long haul, and that God deeply loves us.

Words do not do the night justice. The only thing I can compare it to is heaven. The body of Christ in fellowship over a meal, praying over my family for an hour, and loving us with laughter and song….we were overwhelmed and drowning in love. Love of our friends, but the love of Christ, more so. He spoke through His people to say…I am WITH you. I am HERE. I FEEL you. I will overwhelm you with my love…just rest in it.

They also contacted people that couldn’t be there (Sarah’s house is kinda small) to contribute to a scrapbook they put together of their declaration of commitment to walk with us. Talk about too much. Justin and I were in tears. We have always felt so blessed by the support we have. We have never felt alone. I feel like God was saying with abundance, I will be there in my people and this night is like the sugar on top. Totally undeserved, free gift of love.

How can we ever say thank you?

It only way I know how is to show up. Show up for people and be the love of Christ to them.

God, please grant me the opportunities and prompt me to move when you lead.

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