The Huberts-October 8-11

Many of you know that Jake, Kelly, Livia, and Finley Hubert are 4 of our most favorite people that we have ever met. I have shared a lot about our journey through Sanfilippo together. There is no one for me like Kelly. She fills a part of my spirit no one else in the world will. Two moms, who love the Lord, and trust Him completely in the midst of Sanfilippo…who live 1.5 hours away and enjoy each other immensely….words can’t express the blessing she is. Her kids are beyond precious. They hold a spot in my heart that is unmatched by any other. Finley is a fun, flexible, bundle of smiles! She is strong-willed when it comes to playing in the water and getting her turn at Uncle Juts “flips”. Livia is my cuddle bunny. I can’t get enough of her love for everyone. She surely doesn’t know a stranger. Her sweet and gentle spirit is a blessing to be around and she makes me smile. Jake, the storyteller energizes the room and fills it with laughter….Jut really enjoys having a dad that he can relate to in this MPS world too!

This weekend, the Hubert’s ventured out to our neck of the woods and stayed 3 nights with us! It was so good. I didn’t want them to leave. Four adults, four kids, and it all worked! We went to the apple orchard, enjoyed a bonfire with friends, played in Lake MI, had a night out at a friends home, went to church, and Kelly and Jake even had a date night thanks to Andrea!
You guys are amazing and we love you so much! Here is to a great weekend, and many more memories to come!

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  1. I am so thankful that you and the Huberts have each other…and that I got to enjoy their wonderful family as well!! They are special indeed!!!


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