Halloween…Eastwood Hills Oct 29

I have no idea how I got stuck on “Halloween” as my holiday, but, for the fourth year, I decided to do a costume party. We chose the theme every year to include our street (Eastwood) in the name of the theme. Year one was Eastwood Junior High…where folks came dressed in what they wore in JR High. Year two was Eastwood Farms, you guessed it, farm gear. The 3rd year was a week or so after our dual diagnosis of the kids, so it was a birthday/costume party in honor of Jayden’s love for Bob the Builder and Handy Manny…so that was Eastwood: On the Job. This year was Eastwood Hills. (like the Hollywood hills) and everyone came dressed as a celebrity. I would like to add, by dressing as Lady Gaga or Bret Micheal’s, we do not necessarily condone all the choices these celebrities have made….it was just fun to dress up as them because they are outrageous. Can I just tell you that this year tops all the previous years in the costume department!? Katie Perry WAS here as well as Kate Gosslin. AMAZING! they could be stunt doubles!

Enjoy the pics!

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie

Jon and Kate plus 8

Ron Burgandy (Anchorman and Ellen)

(Johnny and June Cash)

(Audrey Hepburn and Dexter)

(Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake…back together)

(Dwight and Angela…The Office)

(the Sham wow guy and the Sham Wow)

(Sandy and Danny…Grease)

(Madonna and Chuck Lidell -UFC)

(Katie Perry)

(Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian)

(Lady Gaga)

(Bret Micheals)

(Animal House Jon Baluchie and Flo the Progressive Insurance lady)

(Ivanna Turmp…the Donald was sick…)