Parent Teacher Conference…Nov 3

Jayden is doing well at school. We are so happy that he is really becoming social. Jayden enjoys his teacher and his class. He has a little girlfriend, Daisy, and some other guy friends. The teacher says everyone helps Jayden. He is a bit of a bully too! He know what kids are kind of afraid of him and he “picks on” them a bit more frequently! Hard to imagine as his mom! Because he is a bit of a bulldozer, the kids know to say “be nice-be nice”! There is also a stop sign at the doors and Jayden knows to stop and not run out. All of this is new from last year.

He struggles most with sitting during the academic portion of school. They mentioned, because he learns best 1 on 1, that pulling him out for academics (calendar, shapes, colors) and putting him in a full inclusion class with 6 other children with special needs, may be best. He would do social time in Ms Rodriguez’s class academics with my friend, Alex, and PT/OT and speech as normal.
I also found out that he may have to go to Kindergarten next year. We had planned on having him spend his 5th year in Preschool, not Kindergarten. It also means he would be in a Kindergarten class with other age kids on his bus. I am not quite ok with this and plan on seeing if holding him back a year is possible given his unique circumstances. I do know it happens in other school districts. Also, I know of a district that does 1/2 day kindergarten and 1/2 day preschool for some students so they go full day. That may also be an option.
It is so hard because it appears, as well intentioned the teachers are, their hands are tied. They “withhold” information and they can’t “fight” as much as they would like. Schools were designed to teach, and I don’t know what rushing Jayden out would do for “what is most appropriate” for Jayden. Schools do not do what is “best”. It is frustrating. I see both sides, the district can’t be all things to all people. What frustrates me is that I am not asking for a miracle or cure, or even for them to create options that are not already available, I am asking them to work within the system to accommodate Jayden. We will see how this all works out. I have been doing my homework and plan on working with the school. Again, everyone so far has been really great, as much as they can, but I will take this further up if needed. The hardest part is not letting my emotions get the best of me. I want to come in level headed but firm, educated but humble, kind but not a doormat.
As it is with insurance companies and Comcast, the squeaky wheel gets the oil in a school district.
The IEP meeting is Dec 17…any prayer or suggestions are welcome!

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  1. You are the best advocate for your child Stef but good teachers will help fight for what is best for J too. If you want me to ask questions to anybody at my school or go with you to his IEP, I'll gladly do both. I'll be praying for patience and understanding for all involved in his next IEP.


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