Stomach Flu…Nov 2

So, how much doest the stomach flu stink…literally!?

Whenever I get it, I am out for the count and this time was no different. It was going through the Boyce family so I had a feeling I would get it. But, lately, I have really been challenging myself to see the blessings in the little things, so here it goes:

I am thankful I have a bed and toilet…I would hate to be somewhere else or without
I am thankful that my kids didn’t get it
I am thankful Justin is so WONDERFUL and just jumped right in to take the kids
I am thankful it was when my “schedule” was free and not during the halloween party
I am thankful I didn’t have to go the the hospital like last time
I am thankful Justin didn’t get it as bad as me.

I am thankful it is over!

Jayden wanted to type too!
3 00000000 -love Jayden