Jay Jenison is my hero!

Justin and I have a great friend, Jay Jenison. He and his wife, Michelle, are becoming two of our most favorite people! They have a son, Bonn, who I affectionately call my boyfriend (I think he is about 6 months old!). They serve on the youth ministry team with us and have really been a blessing to us. Jut is even going to India with him. We are still kinda “newer” friends, but I look forward to growing our friendship.

Jay is a very talented graphic design artist and photographer. He is working hard on our new logo, that we will be unvailing January 2011, and came by last week to take our family winter photos. Here is the link for our family photos:

PLEASE help us pay him back! If you have any graphic design needs or photo needs,
he is your man!

Thank you to Michelle, for the hours of patience while Jay does work for us, and, Jay, thank you so much for blessing us with your talents. To us, these are priceless!
And Bonn-I am gonna kiss you all over when I see you!

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