Nov 13: Coffeehouse Benefit

Again-better late than never!

Our wonderful family, once again, came through huge for buildwiththeboyces. (side note, emotionally it’s easier for me to disconnect and focus on buildwiththeboyces as an organization I am a part of, instead of being “the family”. Therefore, I am writing in 3rd person to save my emotions just a bit).

Justin’s Uncle Keith, his wife, Laurie, and beautifully talented children, Desiree, Tommy, and Julia….and their church body at Edgebrook Covenant Church. Many people brought baked goods and others shared their musical talents. We were able to share about Sanfilippo and show the video I put together of the kids. We were so overwhelmed that most of the people in attendance were strangers. Of course our abnormally large, close, family made the hour drive to be there, and I can’t thank them enough for that. I get so flustered when the body of Christ shows up because thank you is just not enough. But, I am not going to let my pride, or Satan, steal the fact that we were blessed and if I am inadequate in saying thank you, oh well. I just love all of you so much and every little thing you do, is felt in immeasurable ways. Thank you for listening to God prompt you and for being obedient. May you be blessed.

Here is an e-mail from Keith:
Hi, Thank you all for attending the coffee house. We are thanking God for a wonderful time together. We had over 110 people and collectively we raised over $1555 for “Build With The Boyce’s” and more came in through the church today! Many thanks to everyone who came, who gave, who sang and volunteered. Attached are some photos, sorry they are mostly of our kids. Building God’s Kingdom Together Keith