Nov 22: EI/Christmas Spirit

Brooklyn had her early intervention evaluation and will begin to receive Speech services. We are so proud of her and all her successes. She is signing a lot and immitates words with approximations, however, for her age, she is showing a bit of delay. We wanted to get a jump on services so we are blessed to have Angela returning weekly to provide services in our home. Angela was Jayden’s therapist as well and is fantastic.

I also spent that day decorating for Christmas. I love the reminder that Jesus was born, a baby, that His father gave to a sinful world, for me, for my family. I love the lights and how they warm my home and my heart. I love classical christmas music…O holy night is a tear jerker for me! Anyway, I love seeing the lights, smelling the pine candles, seeing gifts under the tree, and embracing the wonderful season that my dear savior was born! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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