November 26-30 Arizona

Joan and I had two free tickets to nowhere and decided to go to Arizona. It was a last minute trip. Why Arizona? Why not?! Joan had never been and I loved it so we made the girls trip with Brooklyn. It was a blast. We rented a HHR and headed to Scottsdale. We shopped, sat in the hot tub (the only day it was above 60 degrees) and took a road trip to see the red rock!

Thank you, Ken, for letting me take your place, and Joan, for letting me go for the ride. Many memories made. I loved being with Brooklyn for that long and really enjoying her alone (I missed the boys) but to make memories with her….pricless.

The mood on the way home changed. As I was reflecting on the great trip, Sanfilippo creeped up. I was reminded of it because a boy that looked a bit like Jayden, was now in heaven. They had made a video to share and I watched it before we took off. Try as I may, Sanfilippo colors my life. But, it is all about perspective. It’s kinda like the sun. When I look straight at it, it is too bright, too painful. I can’t look long. If I was too close, or in it too long, it will burn me. Sanfilippo is like the sun. However, I love it’s rays. I love the beauty of a sunset or sunrise, the warmth on my skin, the light in my windows, and the way it makes everything look more beautiful.
The plane ride also reminded me that my Savior, He can move mountains. From the ground, mountains seem impossible. From my ground perspective, all I see is the mountain. From the air, mountains seem so small. Like I could pinch my fingers and plop…just drop is a little to the left. I see the roads going around it, the ones going up and over. I see many different paths to get past it and I also see how small my mountians must seem from Gods perspective. He is mighty to Save….Save just may not look the way I want it to look.

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