Dec 4-16 in a nutshell….

Dec 4: Boys Weekend
Jut and a few guys took up the fourwheelers and did an overnight guys trip in WI. I was so glad he went. I missed having him around, but my parents came out to visit. It was fun and the kids love to see Nana and Pappa. The only problem was my mom brought the stomach flu. Late Saturday, she got sick. I woke up at 8 with it too and needless to say, needed help with the kids. My parents left and Ken and Joan were wonderful and took the kids until Jut got home. That’s twice now….stomach flu, go away!

Dec 10: Cole and Monkey Joe’s
Cousin Cole spent the night and we treated him to a stop at Target and Monkey Joes for his birthday! I love that kid. He is so good to Jayden and J looks up to Cole so much. He wants to be whereever Cole is. We enjoyed spending time with him. He wanted to watch the karate kid so we stayed up til 11 and watched it with him. (Don’t tell Aunt Sarah). He was a great help with family photos the next day too! You are welcome anytime Colee-olie!

Dec 11: Henrys
We love the henrys. Being with them is like slipping into a favorite pair of sweats! Comfortable. They have 3 beautiful children and life in Elmhurst. We actually made the trip down to spend some quality time together. Usually, they are the ones that drive up here so we owed them big time. Katie made a great dinner and we really had a great time talking, laughing, watching the kiddos play, and talking real. I love Katie for many reasons but the thing I admire most is not her fantastic giftedness of being a mother/martha stewart/betty crocker, but her attitude. She loves deeply and always has a positive attitude. She could be standing on burning coals and she would, in all humblness, say, “this is not that bad…a little hot, but I am fine….how are you?” At first when I met her, I was jealous that she always was so put together. Over time, though, I have seen that she is extremely gracious and is trying to be kind and loving, putting her needs last. Christ is using her to teach me a lot, even from a distance. Love you K8!

Dec 16: Justin is Amazing
Jut is amazing everyday, but on this particular day, he shared his life story in front of 8 other people in a class we are facilitatiing at our church called Vantage Point 3. One of the things we do as a group is share our life story with one another. it is about 45 minutes long of reading. The purpose is to look back and see God’s shaping hand in your life. It is a vunerable place to sit and exposes who you are. Jut did a great job and it was an honor to hear his story, to be a part of it, and to share in what is ahead. I am so thankful for Justin and it is very rare that I tell him.

more to come…Beeba is up from her nap!