The Habel Girls

Stephanie and Kaitlyn Habel have stolen my heart. Two Junior High girls have done more to raise awareness than many people will do in their lifetime. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…they come by it fair with a long line of givers in their family tree.

They vote, they decorate their school bags and t-shirts with Sanfilippo promotional things, they are at all the events, they dye their hair purple, but the biggest thing they do is watch our kids, not once, but twice a week! They are simply amazing young women….beautiful inside and out! Thank you girls! We love you!

One thought on “The Habel Girls

  1. Love it! Very inspirational and heart warming. These ladies show compassion in everything they do. They will make great advocates for our kids one day. I applaud you, Habel girls! Thank you for not being afraid to love and to stand up for what you believe in!!!!


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