India and the Triplets!

The boys are finally to Tenali, India! Here is the post from the site:
God has been faithful with our travels and we’ve arrived in India! We arrived in Chennai at 1:30am and spend a short night in a hotel. After waking up we saw the burial sight of Thomas and hopped on a train for Tenali. It was so great to meet Suresh and Christina and hear more about their ministry. We finished dinner and then connected with home.It’s in the upper 80s! A far cry from the snow for us Chicago boys!
Feel free to follow the boys at It was comforting to see Jut on Skype today and know he got there safe. The Internet was down the entire trip so the last time we spoke was 4PM on Monday Chicago time. It is now Thursday morning 1AM India time (Wednesday 1PM our time) as I write, and I am praying Jut is finally asleep. I am so excited for him and realize in the short amount of time….I miss my teammate. I am so proud of him and really am recognizing that “two become one” mentality. I feel like a part of me is missing, and that part of me is in India. We are a team, and I like it.

Jut Skyped in during Brooklyn’s playdate with the triplets! Here is a cute pic I stole from Ryan:

We loved having them!
in order Rogue, Phoenix, Jade