Happy Birthday, Justin!

Today, Jut turns 31. I don’t even know where to begin when thinking through who he is and what he means to me. There is so much.

Justin and I met in 2002 in college. He was the first and only guy I have ever dated that loved me for who I was, even messy and broken. From the beginning, I thought he was too perfect for me, and I still do. I feel honored and a little confused over why he chose me, but I guess that is an undeserved blessing from God. He loved me with his whole heart, and even through ups and downs, his love never waivers.

My first lesson I remember learning from Jut was during one of our first fights. Me being a fighter, used to fight ugly. I learned from an early age to fight to win, and to do so, you hurt people with words. Our first fight, I was angry and you know what Justin said, “I don’t want to fight with you, Stef, you win”. I knew from his white flag I was in for something new. It totally deflated my hot air and I realized I never wanted to use words to hurt someone in a fight, especially Jut.

Jut has been my rock. He is consistent; a man after God’s own heart. He is the same man at home as he is anywhere else. What you see is what you get. No hidden, selfish motives. Other people are always first.

He claims to be a simple man. Arguments over things without easy resolve are just a waste of time for him. He knows what he believes, and lives it. No sense talking when you can be doing. I have grown to appreciate that.

I also enjoy his company. He makes me laugh and we work so well together. I know that I have a lot to learn, but we sure make a good team. He also is a fix it man. I think it is sexy that he is a man’s man. He can fix things that break, and rig things that are falling apart. He changes the oil and tries his best to make our yard look great. He loves sports and is athletic.

He also works with integrity. He works fast and hard, and always does a great job. He is not lazy-ever. He is respectful and patient with everyone he meets. Watching him once in a crawl space, cementing a hole that no one will see, I remember the thought that came to mind as he worked. He works for a different boss. He works for the Lord. He does it right even when no one is looking because that is what you do.

Jesus pours out of how he loves others. He also is the best father two kids could ever have. He changes diapers, gets up early every morning, feeds them, plays with them, give them medicine, vitamins, and gets them dressed. He picks Jayden up after work and takes him to the shop. With no break between work and home, he never complains and never requests a few minutes to unwind. He jumps in to give me a break and takes them outside, no matter the weather, and hangs with them. He never gets to shower alone because the kids don’t want to be away from Him. He puts Jayden to bed every night and wakes with him numerous times to console him.

He does the dishes, laundry, and even makes his own lunch. He always leads me and with gentle nudges and I am learning to trust his lead when we need to reach out and serve, or mend a relationship with someone. He always does the right thing and stays true to who he is. He is a servant leader through and through. He is humble, gentle, strong, wise, and HANDSOME.

I love when he tries to dance, when he sings and “raps”, and my most favorite, when he laughs. He is playful and generous, and completely unselfish. He encourages me to be my best, and is a man of prayer.

I have the best friend a girl can want for a husband, and I honor him and his life today. I look forward to spending more of this crazy journey together.

I love you, Ratty, Happy Birthday!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Justin!

  1. I knew even when Justin was a little boy and growing up that he was meant for greatness. Even during his teenage years he was different and it showed. I have always said that I wanted my boys to be just like Jut and I have threatened many times that I was going to bring them over to him to raise. You are a great man now and I have enjoyed throughly watching you grow up and becoming who God wants you to be…a man after His own heart.


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