National MPS Society, a Finalist and Winner in Round 1 of the Chase Community Giving Program!

National MPS Society, a Finalist and Winner in Round 1 of the Chase Community Giving Program!

On behalf of the National MPS Society, thank you to everyone who participated in the Chase Community Giving Facebook Program. We placed 52nd out of 100 and we will be awarded $25,000! More importantly, we have qualified for Round 2 and the opportunity to win $500,000.

Round 2 Details

On May 15th the National MPS Society will present their “Big Idea” and video to Chase Community Giving. The voting format will be the same as in Round 1. Voting will open up to the public and begins on May 19th and continues through May 26th. The Society will be asking members and friends to reach out to everyone you know to ask for their vote! The nonprofit with the largest amount of votes for their Big Idea will win $500,000.

In addition, there will be grants awarded for nonprofits that receive the most votes from 2nd through 25th place. The Chase Advisory Board will also be awarding $500,000 to eligible nonprofits, regardless of their vote placement! Millions of dollars is waiting for us! We have a real opportunity to raise awareness and fund additional research!

It was determination and a team effort that gave us strength and pushed the votes forward in Round 1. Let’s make it happen again. We can do this!

Our Big Idea

Our Big Idea will focus on Research, “HowTo Save A Child”. Please watch for additional emails regarding your needed participation and vote in Round 2. For more information about Chase Community Giving Round 1 Winners, please visit: