Sanfilippo Natural History Study-Travel Day 1

We arrived successfully with little headache! Actually, as we were traveling out of Milwaukee, I looked a Jut and said, “this is the first time we have traveled, just the 4 of us.” It was freakishly easy largely due to the fact the kids were ANGELS. Beeba was a bit tired but Jayden was a trooper and didn’t fuss once! The plane ride was great and the hotel and car were fine. We even went OUT to eat at Hard Rock Cafe and finished our meals with no issues! It was so nice. Thank you to whoever was praying, it was answered!!! The room is great, two bedrooms and a kitchen!

We have to get up and be at the Dr’s office at 8AM for a long day…but we are excited to try out the waterpark and Mall of America in the evenings if the kiddos can handle it!

I will try to update daily about our trip!

One thought on “Sanfilippo Natural History Study-Travel Day 1

  1. YAY!! SO happy to hear God has answered prayers for safe, peaceful travel…and if some fun can be thrown in too?? Even better! Will be praying you all!!!


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