May 21, 2011: Make-A Wish

The morning was spent with my two sick babies, the even was spent dressed up at a ball. I felt like Cinderella and Angie was my prince!  HA!

I had the honor of joining Angie to the Make-a-wish ball because Discover (the credit card) was one of the sponsors and that is where Ang works. So-she got an extra seat and I was honored to join her and 2 other couples. We went down on a party van and were VIP when we arrived. I bought a raffle ticket to the Bahamas…which I didn’t win. Shucks. We had fancy food, like sheep meatballs (gross-sheepmouth) and food that takes up a quarter of your plate. Dinner was yummy but it left me wanting more! It was a great night of giving, laughter, and hearing from the founder, how make a wish got started.

I always struggle a bit with extremely wealthy people walking around thinking they are so great as they bid on $20,000 for pricey packages for a good cause. Don’t get me wrong, money makes wishes happen. I just hope those same people give when no one is looking. I also hope that for me.

It was interesting being there as a soon to be make-a-wish family, under the disguise of a VIP corporate sponsor. I sat at table 3, right up front, close enough to wave at Billy Corgan and Brian Urlacher (if he was there ). I kept thinking, these people are actually making my children’s wishes come true. The funny thing is, they really don’t have big wishes. They don’t want to go to Disney, or meet someone famous. In fact, those things would scare them. They don’t want a shopping spree or care to be a firefighter for a day….Brooklyn would scream in the store and Jayden can borrow Micah’s hat if he wants, but he is scared of that too. The wish that we will be requesting will be towards the new house. We are doing a safe room for the kids to play in and will be wishing for some therapeutic toys for the room.

All this to say once again, nothing is as simple as it appears. Everyone has a story. Sometimes, our two worlds collide. A donor and a receiver happen to be the same person. I just have to coexist in two worlds, but, don’t we all?!

Thank you Discover, Angie, and Make a Wish for a wonderful night!