May 31, 2011: Mentoring with Jill

Throughout this past year, I had the honor to be mentored by Justin’s Aunt Jill. In the class that Justin and I did, VP3, each participant is encouraged to get a mentor. I knew right away that this year, I wanted to be mentored by Jill. I have always enjoyed her company and really admire her relationship with her children and husband. She is an awesome Kindergarten teacher and strong woman of faith. It was a great year sitting at her feet and learning, although many times she would be literally sitting at mine. I blabbed away about the things I thought God may be teaching me, lessons and challenges I was facing, and even had the chance to share my narrative, or life story, with her. I think the best part, although there are many, was being trusted with her life story. Jill took the time to hand write her life story and share it with me! What an honor! Thank you, Jill, for teaching me how to be a good listener, when to choose my battles, and for many shared tears and laughter!